From ‘Private’ to ‘Privet: have fun with sunflowers!

We really enjoyed Digital Detox Week; the weather was lovely and we passed our time walking, talking and guerilla gardening.

In the Yorkshie Wildlife Trust reserve of  Brockadale we came across the following sign…


We’re not big on private property; enclosure remains one of the most socially and environmentally devastating crimes that the rich can commit against the poor. Huge swathes of land that were once held in common have been expropriated in order to create great wealth for a greedy minority. Historically speaking claims to land ownership are tenuous to say the least. So when we come across overgrown private signs like this our hearts are lifted – the land can never truly be owned 🙂

As we’ve already mentioned we were out guerilla gardening and, as such, we had seeds in our pockets and mud on our minds. We suddenly realised that more private signs could become overgrown – if they had a little help.

Late spring, early summer is perfect for sowing Sunflowers; in fact May 1st is International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day. A large growing variety like Helianthus annus ‘Russian Giant’ would  be perfect for the job. Find an ugly ‘PRIVATE’, ‘KEEP OUT’ or ‘TRESSPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED’ sign, plant your seeds in front of the sign 12mm deep, 45cm apart and water during dry spells. By the end of the summer your chosen sign will be obscured by a vision of loveliness and come winter the birds will really appreciate the seeds – delicious.

This strategy would also work for billboards and architectural eyesores and hedges, trees or ivy can also be put to good use.

Whatever you choose to do, be beautiful!


One thought on “From ‘Private’ to ‘Privet: have fun with sunflowers!

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