URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Director of WALHI detained at World Ocean Conference Manado

This morning, the police in Manado arrested Berry N. Forquan, , director
of WALHI (Friends of the Earth Indonesia) and Erwin Usman from WALHI
(see Torry´s mail below).

Please send your protest against the arrest of Berry N Forqan and Erwin
Usman to

– Police of Manado, fax 0062-431-852916
– Headquarter National Police in Jakarta, fax 0062-21-7207277
– Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights, fax 0062-21-5715532

and send text messages (sms) to
– Bekto Suprapto Di, police of North Sulawesi, mobile 0062-81618844950,
0062-813-40579332, and to the
– police of Manado, mobile 0062-811-432586.

Thanks, Marianne Klute
Watch Indonesia!


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