The Urbex Gardener – Seeding the Forgotten Places

When I’m not too busy Greenjacking I like to unwind with a spot of Urban Exploration. This week I joined the Subterranean Tourist Board on a regular outing to the former Thorpe Marsh Power Station – I’m the one who’s smiling 😉

There’s something very satisfying about areas that have been reclaimed by Mother Nature – especially if they were areas that once reaped extensive ecological damage upon our earth…

I’m also a keen Guerilla Gardener and I got to thinking that maybe we should start combining these two important, but fun, pastimes. Not on sites like Thorpe Marsh – anything that grows there is likely to be contaminated for years to come  – but it would be nice to make use of abandoned gardens and give neglected buildings a bit of a lift with a nice new window box.

A FREE packet of seeds goes to the person who comes up with the best name for this new hobby 🙂

*Photos taken by 0742:Share Alike Creative Commons, Some rights reserved


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