Return of the Jack… Welcome to #ProjectGreenjacker

greenjacker notice

Greenjacker is back and madder than ever. Things have gone from bad to worse where we live… both ecologically and economically, and the local authorities have absolutely no intention of doing a damn thing about it. Our solution… PROJECT GREENJACKER.

PROJECT GREENJACKER is a simple and civil (if not altogether legal) solution to the related problems of food poverty and nutritional deprivation. Food prices are increasing daily and real-time wages for most people are not even keeping up with inflation. With additional increases in rents, energy bills and service charges people have less and less to spend on food, but cheaper food options are often nutritionally poor, highly processed and – as the recent horse fiasco shows – not even what they say on the tin! In our area the problem has become so bad that food parcel hand-outs have increased by 70% in a year.

But hand-outs are only a short term solution. As the old adage says; give a dude a fish and they’ll eat for a day, teach ’em to fish and they’ll eat forever…

The main obstacle to most people growing at least a little of their own food is access to suitable land, but most local authorities have loads of it!.. We believe that every publicly owned space – parks, gardens, shopping centres, council office blocks, etc., etc. – should contain at least a few freely available edible plants. The wonderful women at Incredible Edible Todmorden have shown what’s possible, but still too many local councils are failing to follow suit. Most local authorities will moan about cut-backs (but still spend a fortune on killing weeds and tearing hedges to shreds), but growing food doesn’t have to cost a lot and most public spaces can be retro fitted for food production. Unfortunately councils rarely listen to reason, so we’re offering them an ultimatum… you do it, OR WE WILL!

If you want to get PROJECT GREENJACKER under way in your area then you can download a free PDF of our poster by clicking here… good luck 😉


One thought on “Return of the Jack… Welcome to #ProjectGreenjacker

  1. Reblogged this on Coyopa and commented:
    ‘It has come to our attention that NO edible plants have been planted in this area…’
    Greenjacker is back – with Project Green Jacker: a ‘simple and civil (if not altogether legal) solution to the related problems of food poverty and nutritional deprivation…’
    Urban guerilla gardening at its finest – you can download the excellent warning notice poster at the site…

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