who is the greenjacker?

The Greenjacker is everywhere. She’s the woman who sat next to you on the bus this morning and the man who smiled knowingly at you as he walked on by; she’s the green fingered guerrilla gardener who works to the sound of the dawn chorus and the roofer who makes bee-friendly hideaways high above the town centre streets; he’s the dog walker with a pooper-scooper in one hand and a spade in the other and the schoolgirl with the muddiest shoes and the brightest smile; they all have seeds in their pockets and mud on their minds!

The greenjacker isn’t going to wait for the politicians, big business and the ‘professionals’ to get off their bums and finally make a difference; they’re going to grow a greener, better, healthier, friendlier world – right here, right now – one plot at a time!

The Greenjacker does not believe in wasteland; just wasted opportunity. The meaning of life is to LIVE, so to give your life meaning GIVE LIFE. Go forth and cultivate;with the first seed you plant you become the Greenjacker.

Greenjackers seek and employ practical, green, grass-root, DIY solutions to England’s social, economic and environmental problems. We’re guerrilla gardeners committed to changing hearts and minds by actively changing the landscape where we live. We fill neglected patches of land with edible, useful and/or wildlife-friendly plants… and sometimes we add edible, useful and/or wildlife-friendly plants to places where they really should have been planted in the first place – such as pedestrian areas or public squares where they ‘forgot’ to put such plants – which is why we tend to do things by stealth. Another strategy Greenjackers often employ is ‘Pre-Planting’, whereby we ‘prepare’ an area with area non-intrusive native fruits and other useful plants and fungi so that future generations might have access to vital resources. Luckily you don’t have to be a national institution, a government body or a major landowner to transform yourlocal area. With a little imagination and knowhow the vast majority of neglected sites in the UK, no matter how industrial or barren they may first appear, can be transformed into a resource for humans and wildlife alike. From road-side verges to supermarket car-parks, the possibilities are endless.


what does it all mean?


1. of, relating to, or advocating ecological awareness, the preservation of natural resources, etc.
2. designating or of a political party or movement having these goals


1. Jack – Jack-In-The-Green; a traditional participant in the English May Day celebrations thought to represent the ‘Green Man’, the mysterious Green Man is depicted in mediaeval church carvings and is widely felt to be an embodiment of natural fertility, a spirit of the primeval greenwood and a trickster; by extension he is linked to such mythological characters as Puck, Robin Goodfellow, Robin Hood, the Green Knight and others.
2. jack – to hunt by night with aid of a jack light.

A person who greenjacks.

The art of taking an object, building, concept or a piece of land and turning it into something brighter, greener, more useful and/or more beautiful.

[Origin: 2008, ‘Night of the Greenjacker’ by Warren Draper, a  freegan guerrilla gardener]


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’m part of a freegan food co-op, sharing our bountiful harvests amongst friends and family. Recently our favourite provider has locked the lid on our endevours. I’ve been told its possible to buy a key or a substitute key out of a hardware shop. I’ve tried a radiator key but its too small. Any ideas?? (+ yes I know it’s viewed as more of a physical crime than “liberating” when unlocking a skip but we’re prepared for any legal issues)

    • Leatherman (I use a Wave) + 21 piece Bit Kit usually does the job. It’s a relatively expensive investment, but I wouldn’t be without it. As well as a good townie tool it’s my countryside passport 😉

  2. After reading Waste by Tristrum Stuart I feel compelled to do a project on freeganism, found this site through research and was wondering if you could put me intouch with any freegans/greenjackers in the north east of england.

    Nicholas Gray

  3. Hey, I’m writing an article for my New York University journalism class about freeganism, and I was wondering if we could maybe communicate via e-mail or instant message or something so that I could get your thoughts on it and answers to a view questions? You seem like a knowledgeable source and an activist, to boot, which would be great!

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